Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are happening on Saturday 1:45pm and 3:30pm. Our speakers will be delivering the session either in-person or online at Unidus.

    There is no need to pre-register for the breakout sessions. However, each room has a limit number of participants and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, so plan to arrive in advance to secure your spot.


    Where Does God Go On Monday? (Working life)

    How To Live For Christ Through Your Occupation

    Genuine, authentic Christianity means that we should be the salt of the earth. We are ambassadors of Christ in our community… ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and living lives filled with purpose and opportunity. Not all of us are called to be Pastors or to make church building our paid occupation (if we were, the world would never be reached) – But all of us are called to use our gifts and skills to share the good news about Jesus wherever we go.

    In this session, Kody Thompson will share the lessons he has learned about sharing God’s love while starting, growing, and selling a multi-million-dollar company. This session contains testimonies and biblical patterns that will inspire you with the possibilities of what God can do through you to build his Kingdom every day you step foot into your business or workplace.


    Kody Thompson is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader with a track record of success. He is renowned for his achievement as the founder of Lightning Sites, a web development company that he built from a startup into a multi-million dollar enterprise generating in excess of $5M profit across eight years.

    After successfully building his remote teams to grow and exit Lightning Sites, Kody developed a reputation as an expert in building international teams and scaling businesses and launched the Business WrkPod in 2021, with co-founder Dale Beaumont.

    Beyond his business endeavours, Kody is a devoted husband and a father of two daughters. He is also deeply committed to philanthropy and has initiated the Love @ Scale project in the Philippines, which supports 250 students. Kody’s journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a positive impact in both the business world and the community.


    Help! I don’t know what to do with my teen (Parenting)

    Parenting is the most rewarding challenge of our lives. Navigating the teenage years can be a rollercoaster for both parents and teens. Join us for an engaging and insightful session designed to equip you with practical strategies and a deeper understanding of your teenager’s world. Whether you’re facing conflicts or simply want to strengthen your relationship, this session offers guidance that could be life changing to connect with your teen and help them thrive.


    We’ll explore all these in a fun and interactive session together! 


    Pastor Denis Lu is currently the Senior Pastor of Hope Kuching and an Elder in the Hope International Ministries (HIM). He oversees HIM churches in Borneo, Malaysia. 

    Pastor Hai Eng currently holds a pivotal position within HIM, spearheading strategic initiatives as Head of the Elders’ Office. She longs to see HIM Churches strategically developed and prepared for the end-time harvest.

    Ps Hai Eng is married to Ps. Denis, and together they have raised their adult son, Azriel.


    Sabbath: Working from Rest

    It is possible to live, serve, lead from a continual place of being fresh, vibrant and passionate. God gave us a blueprint of biblical patterns to such abundant life in His Word. In this breakout, we will unpack principles that will help us build rhythms of refreshing in life, from which work and productivity can flow sustainably for greater growth. We’ll look into the practical applications of figuring out personal rhythms as we navigate our ever-changing lives.


    Sunita served in our student ministry leadership team for 20 years before she moved to our working adult ministry. She continues to build our pastoral ministry teams focusing on mentoring and leadership development, while also overseeing our Hope Creative Collective ministry teams. Sunita is passionate about making disciples who make more disciples, and building the next generation of leaders up for the purposes of God. She desires to see men and women thrive as they follow and serve God wholeheartedly.


    Relationship: The Process Matters

    Are you ready to find a meaningful, God-centered relationship? Join this workshop to guide you from singleness to courtship. You’ll learn to embrace singleness as a time for growth and develop the qualities of a godly partner. Discover how to set boundaries, explore potential partners in a God-centered way, and make informed, God-honoring decisions. Suitable for anyone seeking a relationship that reflects God-centered values, this workshop will equip you with the principles to navigate these stages.


    Eddie and May first met at a Hope Church working adults conference. And, as they say, the rest was history. They have been married for nearly nine years. Eddie serves in the welcome team and children’s (Kids for Christ) ministries, and leads the intercessory prayer ministry. He is passionate about discipling men to be men of God. May oversees the service outreach and operations, and missions’ departments. She is passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God extended. Together, they enjoy watching action movies, eating yummy foods, and more recently, achieving running goals together.



    Jacyline serves with the UniGen ministry leadership team, overseeing the University of Queensland life groups and training leaders. She also leads Hands of Hope, the community arm of Hope Church. Her compassion for people is evident and she is always intentional in investing in the lives of the people around her. She is one who lives with integrity and seeks to stand right before God, not just in ministry, but in her relationships. She has wisdom to offer that are beyond her years, which continues to bring life to many.


    IN it, not OF it

    What does it mean to live in the world, and not of the world as we seek to illuminate God’s light to the world?

    Come join Chris & Lisa Bee as we discover together what it means to live fully in the world while not being consumed by its values and pressures. In this session, we will explore practical steps to engage with society effectively yet maintain our unique identity and integrity. Learning from the life of Daniel, along with practical examples, we will learn what it means to shine without compromise. Whether you’re looking to inspire change or simply live more authentically, this workshop is designed to equip you with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of modern life.


    Chris is the Ablaze coordinator, the high school ministry of Hope Church Willawong. Chris is passionate about seeing the next generation have a personal encounter with Jesus, discover their identity in Christ and play a part in a community where they can flourish. Chris is currently pursuing his Masters of Ministry and has been married to Lisa since 2016, after meeting in Ablaze in 2000. Lisa also has a huge heart for young people and is currently working as a Neonatologist in Brisbane whilst pursuing her PhD at UQ. Together they love to travel and a good plate of food.



    This session is run by the Hope Church Brisbane Ablaze team and designed for all high school students only.

    Come join our youth special! It will be an exciting time of fun, connection and fellowship!